DENNIS TESTA - First Tenor and Lead Vocalist. 
On ROCK N’ RHYTHM’s CD, Dennis is featured on Life is But A Dream, Danny Boy, Morse Code of Love, Mexico, It Happened Today, Step By Step and The Lion Sleeps Tonight. Dennis enjoys singing songs by Johnny Maestro and Frankie Valli. During the 1960’s, Dennis sang and recorded with Ray and The Darchaes. In addition, he recorded on Savoy and Buzzy records with Nicky Addeo, singing Gloria, ZuZu, Last Night I Dreamed, When I Fall in Love and others. Dennis adds to the group’s sound with his high falsetto leads and first tenor harmonies.

STEVE SICILIANO - Second Tenor and Lead Vocalist. On ROCK N’ RHYTHM’s CD, Steve sings Remember Then, Blue Moon, Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye, Rockin Robin, Zoom, A Sunday Kind of Love and Let’s Make Love Tonight. Steve sang with The Del-Rays (1964-1 968), Before N’ After (1969-1 974), Hi-Spirit (1975-1 993). In addition, Steve recorded background vocals for Nicky Addeo, Patsy Siciliano and Ray Dahrouge. Steve loves to sing Duprees songs and adds that uniquely guttural soul sound to his vocal leads.

Tom​ Debruin - Has been part of the Jersey Shore Music scene for many years dating back to his High School days. Tom is an arranger and sings Bass, and he creates those subtle chord changes for the background voices, that most groups don't make in their arrangements. Tom's vocal experience includes singing with the shores most notable acappella group Jersey Dream and recorded with them for Clifton Records, and is former Director of SEBSQSA barbershop chorus, and is a current member of the Red Bank Chapter

 FRANK LARUSSA - Started at the age of 12 yrs. old in a Christmas program at P.S. 145 in Brooklyn, N.Y. Then at age 13, he was asked to sing in the group called The Kents. They cut a record, that same year in 1959, called I Love You So, which he sang lead, and the flip side was The Happy Beat, a great lindy song. We had three of Alan Freeds musicians on the record also, it was a great sound. After three years the group broke up and he went to singing on the corners in Brooklyn with a group called The Fascinators, which cut a record called, Oh Rosemarie and the Flipside Oh Chapel Bells. A good friend of  his, was Tony Passalaqua, who was the lead singer. After that he put his singing on the back burner. Till my Wife, Jill and I moved to The Renaissance Adult Community in New Jersey, where he joined a singing group called The Antigues. He stayed with them for about four years, when he had the pleasure of meeting Steve from ROCK 'N RHYTHM at the  Ocean Italian festival. And as they say the rest is history.

PATRICIA MANZO - Patti sings Crazy, Gee Whiz, Locomotion, Bad Girl, etc. She loves performing songs from artist such as Anne Murray, Whitney Houston, Donna 
Summer, The Carpenters, Melissa Manchester, Linda Ronstadt and many others.  
Patti sang with Friends & Relations (1971-1 973), Hi-Spirit (1973-1993). Patti has recorded with Hi-Spirit,and on occasion vocals along with Steve songs written by Ray Dahrouge. Patty sings a rich lower and mid-register with a full yet, soft euphoric quality while never losing clarity. Her leads are very soul searching and emotional, as well as, pleasurable to the ear. 
hey say the rest is history.   

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